Teeth Whitening Strips

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Our Teeth Whitening Strips contain the same enamel-safe ingredient used by dentists for professional teeth whitening. Coated with a peroxide-based gel, these slim and flexible strips are easy to apply at home. Use them for 30 minutes daily to effectively remove stains both on and beneath the surface of your teeth.

  • No gum discomfort or tooth sensitivity
  • Quick results after just one application
  • Includes 14 individual treatments


How it works
Pro Whitening’s Teeth Whitening Strips deliver superior results from the first day and can remove up to 10 years’ worth of stains. Achieve professional-grade whitening at home by applying the strips for just thirty minutes. Each strip includes a peroxide-based formula, developed in compliance with guidelines from the Dental Board of Australia, to remove stains from coffee, wine, smoking and aging and bring back your natural smile.

Directions for use
Dry teeth well before applying. Remove the long whitening strip and adhere the sticky side to your top teeth. Press firmly and fold the strip over the back of the teeth. Do the same with the short strip for your bottom teeth. Once applied, the strips will stay in place until removal. For best results, leave on for 30 minutes for the whitening treatment. Afterwards, remove the strips and rinse your mouth with water. Use whitening strips as often as needed.

28 whitening strips (14 treatments), user manual.

Additional information

Active Ingredient

Hydrogen Peroxide (6%)


PVP (K30), Glycerin, Hydroxypropylcellulose, PVP (K90), Aqua, Hydrogen Peroxide, Coconut Oil, Menthol.

Important Information

All whitening products may cause temporary, mild tooth sensitivity or gum discomfort; see insert for details and instructions for use. Consult your dentist if you experience strong discomfort or have dental work or medication-related staining. Note that our products only whiten natural teeth and won't affect caps, crowns, veneers, fillings, or dentures. Our products are not suitable for children under 13.